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Same Kernel Panic Everytime Need Help

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Hi there peeps, I have successfully gotten through the installation of Hackintosh OS X 10.10.1 Niresh Yosemite with the boot flag "/amd".

I've gotten so far until the keyboard layout option for the Mac Setup's Welcome screen but right then I have the same kernel panic each time I try to boot up from the installed drive.

The image of the kernel panic is uploaded here (http://cl.ly/image/2q3x2M370p1v) and (http://cl.ly/image/3j3f2n3s1h17) Please take a look guys :)

I've also listed my PC specs here so if there is any other required boot flags that I must use before installing and for the kernel flags as well please do kindly post them out here :)

PC Specs :

Asrock H81M-HDS

Intel i5-4460

Gigabyte GTX 650

Kingston Hyper X 10GB RAM

3 TB of Hard Drives

Hope u can help :) :)

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@Arshad454 Booting with CPUS=1 may solve your issue

Hi there, thanks for the info, well these are the kernel flags that I've tried for booting up the Yosemite, but no success in my case.

npci=0x2000 and 0x3000


If you got any other kernel flags that can be used please do post them out. Your kind help will be deeply appreciated. :)

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@Niresh I'm facing the kernel panic where it says as follows :


Panic (cpu 1 caller 0xffffff80003ffd56) kernel trap at 0xffffff800041a272, type 13=general protection, registers


I think this has something to do with kernel patching with my Haswell cpu. But i've googled and no specific topic available for this one. I now have two bootloaders available for my installation, Clover and Chameleon. Please assist in any way possible. Thanks :)

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