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Problem with Graphics Card

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I just installed Hackintosh at my PC.

I have DELL Inspiron One 2320 (AIO) with: Intel i3 3.3GHz, 8GB RAM and 1TB Drive.


I have 2 Graphics Cards in this computer:

1. Intel HD Graphics 2000

2. Nvidia GeForce GT 525M 1GB


Now, I installed my Hackintosh 10.10 of Niresh. 

In System Information, under Graphics/Displays I can see both Graphics Card.


But! The main card that the Hackintosh used is Intel HD Graphics 2000 which is have VRAM of 5MB (I don't know why..) .

and the NVIDIA is not under use at all. I want to make the 2st Graphics Card (NVIDIA) to main card. 

Because now every thing is very slow with low FPS. 


I would like to know how to make the NVIDIA as main card so the Hackintosh will work great. Beside this everything working great! 


Please help me,






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@alonr3570 remove all intel kexts

as you want to use nVidia as your main os you can remove ATI kexts too


in 10.10 Niresh version you can use the following command open terminal

sudo -s # type your password after this line
grafix backup  ati
grafix backup intel

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