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System would go to sleep but never wake up // Memory allocation error! Add: 0x85df0c8

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It's the third time that the Hackintosh does that to me...


My niresh hackintosh 10.10.1 (updated to 10.10.3) would go to sleep. Shaking the mouse or typing on the keyboard wouldn't wake it up and the physical reset button wouldn't reboot it either.

So I am forced to do a cold shutdown.

Upon powering the hackintosh back on, the booting process would fail with the following message (while using -x -v at boot) :


Memory allocation error! Add: 0x85df0c8, Size: 0x4d4e0, Files: free, Line: 0

This is a non recoverable error! System HALTED!!!


When that happens I do a complete shutdown put in my Niresh USB Yosemite instal key. 

Start up the PC, boot on the USB key but instead of going into Yosemite Zone I'd select my already installed partition.

Then the hackintosh would boot ok!?!?! If I then reboot without the USB key my partition will resume working again!!??!



Obviously the sleep setting is the culprit... So I've disabled it to be safe...



As anyone seen this before? 

Anyone has a suggestion on how make this thing work?
Does anyone have an idea as to why my install wouldn't boot after sleeping unless I boot with my USB key?






- OS X 10.10.3

- CPU ( Intel Core i7 920)
- Graphic Card by exact name (nVidia GeForce GT260 in SLI)
- MotherBoard ASUS P6T DELUXE V2 (Intel LGA1366 Platform / X58 chipset)
- Ethernet (integrated in ASUS P6T DELUXE V2)
- "Sound" Card (ADI AD2000b )

- 12 Gigs of RAM

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