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Troubles installing MAC OSX in Dell Optiplex 790SFF

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Hi, I'm trying for more than a week to install MAC OSX on an Dell Optiplex 790 SFF with core i3 sandybridge, 4GB DDR 3 and integrated graphics.

I'm writing on this topic because Maverick is the only distro I succeed in the end to make it work  but with some issues.

1st of all in any distro's I tried they are stuck on boot screen ( not able to start the installer) or after installing I am not able to create account and enter in OS, most of the time I'm having just a grey screen. It seems that all the trouble starts because of the integrated graphics. On Maverick I was able to create the account only after I boot with -s flag and use the grafix backup all command. Otherwise the screen look this way:


I'm having no problem to install 10.6, 10.7, 10,8,10.9 to another PC (Gigabyte MB+E5200+2GB RAM+integrated graphics) but not on this Dell? Why? 

2nd, I'm curious about the equivalent command for 10.6-10.8 distros for grafix backup all.


So now after I did it the trick with backing up the graphics I,m having only 1024x768 resolution available and it look ugly in Safari when try to watch something inYoutube. Any tips to solve the problems an to be available for others distro's also?



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