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Unable to boot Niresh Yosemite (10.10.1) in Intel i3 Haswell note-book of ACER brand E5-571 33YS

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Dear Sir,


         I have Intel i3-4030U CPU (4th Generation) haswell laptop (with Graphics 4440, hard disk of 1 T.B., CPU socket 1168 BGA. The chipset is Haswell ULT, BIOS – InSydeCorp, Version – v1.09 and Motherboard Acer EA 50_H B).  I successfully installed Niresh Yosemite 10.10.1 in one of the hard drive partitions of M.B.R. using bootflag  /haswell with combination of boot args from yosemite Zone.dmg USB. But after completing the installation when I rebooted , it gave "boot0ss: error".  Without USB, I cannot boot. I can boot into the hard disk partition with the USB.



Please suggest ways to avoid boot0 error in haswell processor after installation of Niresh Yosemite (10.10.1).


         After much hardship, if the installation completes luckily in the hard drive partition, it cannot boot up without the Yosemite restored USB. Without USB, the computer screen shows either boot0ss error or boot0 error. Why this is happening? Please do something for intel i3 Haswell laptop particularly E5-571 brand of ACER laptop having only Intel HD 4400 graphics with no dedicated graphics card.


Sir, how to contact you over phone or Internet ? Please send your contact details to my email id smtkrghsl9@gmail.com.

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