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Hackintosh Slow Boot Issue (Posting it for the second time, will format Yosemite if it remain unsolved)

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Hello everyone, I am new to hackintosh and my build is almost working good but I am facing some problems regarding boot time...


My hackintosh installation process as well as post installation process ran into problems in many different ways but finally I was able to manage the VGA and network working like charm but till now I am not able to solve the boot  problem, that problem may not be that important to some people but that is surely embarrassing for me.


The problem is with the boot time, I think the boot time of my hackintosh is not so normal , the loading screen with Niresh Hackintosh logo is taking one minute and twelve seconds to fill out the area and boot up but i think that should be 20-30 seconds at all.


I had tried many ways to fix that issue but was unable to do so, hence I am posting it here because it is quite clear that I can't solve that problem without help from the hackintosh pros....


By going into the verbose mode i noticed that when the line "something compiles for snow leopart, lion, mountain lion" appears, the processor light stop blinking but only for some second, then at another line i.e. missing Bluetooth controller error, it stuck for many seconds, without these two lines the boot process is surely 25-30 second long...


In the previous day my hackintosh stuck forever at missing bluetooth controller error but then i solved that by disable graphics enabler but that error still appear in verbose mode and now its stucking for some time as mentioned earlier , hence I think there is something to do with this missing Bluetooth controller error because it is the last line before booting up, I tried some ways to solve that error (one was by removing two apple Intel kext from single user mode)  but it still appears!!


Shut down is also an issue, normally after clicking shut down the monitor goes black and shut down within some seconds or immediately, sometimes it takes longer to shut down and sometime some strange small white texts appear in black screen with some errors (like cpu halted) i think. I tried EvoReboot but that works perfectly for only one time (i can see the spinning wheel with black background that time), that is not working from the next boot.



Here is my Config:


Processor: AMD FX™-4100 Quad core

Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 5450

Motherboard: Asus M5A78L-M LX V2 (Simple BIOS no UEFI)

Ethernet: Realtek® 8111E , 1 x Gigabit LAN Controller(s)

"Sound": Realtek® ALC887 8-Channel High Definition "Sound" CODEC *2


Here are some more details that can be useful: 


** I have simple bios (no uefi), so there was no need to patch dsdt or other stuff..., In the BIOS menu i only edited SATA mode to AHCI to boot properly, nothing more is edited till now.  

** My Hackintosh version is 10.10.3

** Booting Yosemite Zone from the pendrive is also slow.  

** I installed hackintosh on a HDD (not SSD)

** I have to use GraphicsEnabler=No and npci=0x3000 every time (technically) to boot

** Now I am dual booting hackintosh with win 8.1 (same thing occurred with single booting)


Now i am fully depending on the pros to solve that problem, any type of help will be super highly appreciated. smile.png  


Thanks for reading....good night. 

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