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Post Installation problem after installing Niresh Mavericks

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ON the "Guide to fix most common problems with Hackintosh" it gives the following advice, Issue: booto error.

SOLUTION: If you installed Mavericks or ML and after you get "BootO error2 when booting from HD, here's a way to fix it, DOWNLOAD Chameleon binaries (i386.zip) and copy boot1h to root of USB.

Installer: https://www.hackintosh-zone/file/144-chameleon-22/

the problem is when you get to the link the file is no longer there.

Is there any other way to get Mavericks to boot other than from my USB flash drive which is the only way that is working at the moment.

As I said in my first post on this topic I installed Niresh Mavericks onto my pc with no problems, but when restarting my pc after the installation and after removing my USB flash drive, i do not get the options to boot into Windows, System Reserved or Mavericks from my HD. The only way is to restart my pc is with the flash drive plugged back in and then i get the options to boot to Niresh,System Restore or Mavericks. Please help this is so frustrating. 

Many Thanks.

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