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AMD FX-8350 - Working With Yosemite

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AMD FX-8350 Working With Yosemite



So, I've managed to get OS X Yosemite installed on the following hardware:

• AMD FX-8350 (4.0GHz)
• Gigabyte 78MLT-USB3 (Micro ATX Motherboard)
• 8GB Kingston 1333MHz Memory
• Seagate 1TB (OS X Drive)
• Western Digital 500GB (Windows Drive)
• Powercolor AMD Radeon 7770 (Gigahertz edition)

To install this, I used the Yosemite Zone dmg, and burnt it onto a USB stick using Win32DiskImager.
I installed as an upgrade from Mavericks, while using some extra boot flags, and everything is working fine.

The only thing that I have an issue with is the AMD Cool n' Quiet feature.
This doesn't seem to be functional, and the CPU overheats very easily if under load (with a low-end cooler) if I enable more than one core of the cpu (cpus=8.)

Below, I have a video showing exactly what hardware I am using, and an overview of specs.


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Very nice man. 

Shame about that stock cooler sucks that AMD always put fairly pathetic coolers in,

Maybe a Hyper 212 Evo? I used this on my 8320 which was at 4.7Ghz for a while before going liquid.

I was pushing like 1.49V up the core so it was getting a bit toasty tongue.png but at stock speeds the 212 evo will give fairly nice temps and also it's a bargain biggrin.png


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I do agree that stock AMD coolers suck. I had a Corsair H40 water cooler, which worked fine under OS X.. Until the pump died.
I've also used a 212 EVO in a previous build. I might grab another for this one.

Thanks for looking! :)

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On 31/05/2015 at 6:44 PM, aligndude said:

homem muito agradável. 

Vergonha sobre esse cooler é uma porcaria que a AMD sempre colocar refrigeradores bastante patéticas em,

Talvez um Hyper 212 Evo? Eu usei isso no meu 8320 que estava em 4.7GHz por um tempo antes de ir líquido.

Eu estava empurrando como 1.49V-se o núcleo por isso estava ficando um pouco toasty tongue.pngmas pelo estoque acelera os 212 evo dará bastante agradáveis temps e também é uma pechinchabiggrin.png


você conseguiu fazer um hackintosh  com essa configuração 

me ajuda quero fazer tambem 


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