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Invincible [PCI configuration end, ...]

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Hi all!


I'm hopeless, I install Yosemite well but when I run it I'm always stuck on this PCI configuration end line. I try all parameters but no one works. Because I have no idea why this doesn't work I write you all steps that I did :


1. I created two USBs, one with Yosemite-zone (transmac), one with clover (boot disk utility)

2. I created a partition from one of my harddrive (200go) - FAT32

3. I boot on my UEFI bootloader clover then I choose boot on Yosemite-zone

4. I use disk utility from Yosemite-zone interface to erase and format my partition (Mac, journaled...)

5. Then I customize my yosemite, freestyle check (no idea what i'm doing) then I install it.

6. After installation I reboot in my Clover usb bootloader

7. Then I try so many boot-args combinations :













8. Then I wonder if my customize parameters are fine, so I decide to reinstall

9. I format my partition

10. Then I reboot in my USB Clover

11. I relaunch Yosemite-zone and try to customize it

12. I check all flag in conf and some others parameters...

13. After install, same things...


My pc :

Intel i7 3770k

Geforce GTX 660ti

8gb RAM

Asrock z77 Pro 4m


Thanks for help smile.png

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