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Lenovo D20 4158 "Still waiting for root device" on SATA but not USB

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Hi All,


New to this forum but not to hackintosh. I recently got 10.9.5 working on my Lenovo D20 4158 2x Xeon X5650, 48GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 670, Samsung 840 Pro SSD, chameleon v2538 bootloader, no custom DSDT. So I bought my Dad an exactly identical configuration (also same BIOS version), with the exception of a GTX 660 graphics card and a Samsung 850 Pro SSD. 


Here's the problem: my Dad's computer is booting an SSD w/ fresh bootloader that I tested on my own computer first to make sure it worked. But, on his computer, I had some trouble getting it booted with some hangs after "PCI Configuration End". I resolved these errors by installing a new AppleACPIPlatform.kext. During the debug process, I was booting the SSD via an external USB to SATA enclosure. After I got everything working, I tried moving the SSD back into the Lenovo so I could use the Intel SATA ports (I also tried my RocketRAID 640L PCI card SATA ports)-- both of these SATA ports worked fine with this SSD on my Lenovo. However, I'm getting "Still waiting for root device..." when I use these SATA ports on my Dad's Lenovo. When I move the SSD back to the USB to SATA enclosure, it boots just fine. I've checked to make sure the SATA ports are working, and they are, as it boots into Windows (via another HD) just fine.


Any ideas/suggestions?

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