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AMD Radeon 6970 working in Yosemite!

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I finally got this god damn thing to work in Yosemite, after getting it to successfully work in Mavericks, it only took me a week to figure this one out but finally got it. If anyone wants the how to msg me and I will help to the best of my ability, I rebooted twice after getting it to work and had 0 problems but I'll post a screenshot soon. You will need the 6970 package.pkg and Native 6970 package.pkg Not sure which one I used to get it working but you can fiddle around with both I'm pretty sure I used 6970 package.pkg, you will also need to enter single user mode and enter a few commands afterwards to actually get the card working.



The commands in single user mode are, 


/sbin/mount -uw /

kextcache -update-volume /

kextcache -system-prelinked-kernel ( If you get an error segmentation fault 11, just retype this line till you don't get it.)

kextcache -system-caches


credit for these command lines goes to SloeberGJ



Voila your 6970 SHOULD work in Yosemite. If it doesn't you might need to fiddle with your SMBIOS ( mine is Mac Pro 3,1), and your boot args, I currently have no boot args so...


Here are the packages:  

http://www.mediafire.com/download/328zmdddhio9rm5/Native+6970+Package.pkg.zip          <------ Native

http://filesdeck.net/files/6970-package-pkg-zip-7v5rar-full-version-mediafire-download.html   <------- Modified, (Think this is the working one under Yosemite, be patient and your 6970 WILL be up and running.)



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Does this also work for the Radeon HD6950? or are modifications needed?

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Is it possible to use this card in a single gpu environment or do you still need a 2nd gpu to allow this to work?

also, if I don't need the 2nd gpu, how would I go about installing this? I have a nvidia gtx560 right now but am wanting to use the  6970. any advice?

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I still get a white screen.

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