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Stuck at NTFS Driver 3.12 in Yosemite First boot.

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System Config

- i7-4710HQ Haswell (4th generation) CPU
- Windows 8.1 64-Bit, installed in UEFI mode
- dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M 4GB
- integrated Intel HD 4600
- Intel Wireless-AC 3160 (with Bluetooth 4.0, supporting Bluetooth LE)
- Realtek RTL8111 Ethernet Card
- ALC283 Onboard Audio
- "Lenovo EasyCamera" webcam

i have installed via kernel /amd1 as stock and others didnt work. i didnt tried haswell as i didnt knew that it was haswell. i got to know about that later.

it is not booting it gets stuck at NTFS Driver 3.12 and once it moved forward and told that something about my windows 8.1 that it is installed and hibernated . run chkdsk also
and after that it looked like it stopped.
and many times it gets stuck at LPCB: family specific matching fails also.

im new to this and im noob in this. 
help is appreciated 
i seriously want this to boot.

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are you sing any bootloader (like chameleon)

And which loader have you used to install mac(like multibeast, yosemite zone...)

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Sorry for the waiting, been fixing a os problem my self.  


Did you disable the mentioned bios settings:

- If HPET is available change it to ON & set HPET Mode as 64 Bit
- Set SATA as AHCI
- Enable ‘Executive Disable Bit’ (also known as XD Technology) (Disabling this may cause Hackintosh to Reboot Instantly)
- Enable ‘Virtualization Technology’ (also known as VT Technology)
- USB Legacy to ON (If you experience some usb related issues in verbose mode try switching to OFF)
-******* If UEFI available turn it off & Enable legacy Boot ********
Save BIOS settings and restart 

Hibernate mode means you are using optimised uefi


if this didn't work you can still boot with the usb installer (the one you used to install),

use: /haswell -f

or just: /haswell


if you want to boot to windows you can simply “System Reserved” partition, there you can boot back in Safe Mode and fix the mbr and the boot configuration, this however, will erase the OS X installation.

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