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Nick Lionas

HP Pavilion DV6187ea near perfect installation…?

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Hello all!


After quite some time of trying to figure out how I could possibly update my Snow Leopard installation

and have every major hardware operational I achieved my goal using this distribution

(after the initial installation I had to inject some info for my Nvidia GO 7400 and use VoodooHDA). The only

hardware I replaced was the WiFi adapter with an Atheros AR5BXB112. 



However I still face a few secondary issues and was wondering how I could possibly resolve them 

and have a perfect system.


So to be more exact :

a ) I haven't managed to force my laptop to "wake up" after getting into sleep mode

b ) the Audio appears to have poor quality (as if my speakers are blown)

c ) Chrome does not display anything, where Safari is almost perfect (although I cannot watch any

youtube videos and hear only sound)

d ) my system is recognized as a Macbook Air in "About This Mac -> More Info", however when I press

"More Info" it appears as MacBook 3,1 and when I reach the logon screen I get a message to install a 

bluetooth mouse...

e ) can I upgrade from 10.7.3 to 10.7.5 without a problem or should I stay there?


Thanks in advance for all responses.

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