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OSX 10.9.5 and Win 10 same HDD

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Hi, I have OS X installed on my secondary 320GB Hdd(100GB for OS X and 200GB NTFS for data) and now I want to install a Win 10 tech preview on it.I will made a 80GB partition from the 200GB but how it will affect my OS X?



Intel Core i3-2100

Asus P8H61-M LE

1x8GB Kingstone Ram

Sapphire HD 7750OC

1TB seagate barracuda(305GB for Windows 7, 626GB for data)

320GB western digital(100GB for OS X 10.9.5, 120GB for data, 80GB clean for Win 10 TP)


I have a perfectly working OS X 10.9.5 now and I don´t want to destroy it.How can Win 10 installation affect the OS X?

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yes it will affect. in my personal case when i was install win10 in my laptop. The Mac Osx partition broke and never started again.

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On 5/24/2015, 9:11:33, MadBudgie said:

No one know?Please tell me if you can.

It is possible, at least with Win 7. I have not tried this process with later releases of Windows.


The trick is the Windows partitions should be first and the maximum Windows partition number must be less than 5, including the EFI partition. You may initialize the drive with MacOS X's Disk Utility.


What I have done in the past is initialize the drive with/as:

WINDOWS [ untyped or NTFS ]


MacOS X [ MacOS X Extended Journaled ]

MacOS X Backup [ MacOS X Extended Journaled ]

MacOS X Data [ MacOS X Extended Journaled ]


The drive named DATA is there for Windows/MacOS X data interchange, and as you know, MacOS X has been able to read and write such DATA partitions from way, way back, and this partition will appear on the Desktop of either Windows or MacOS X.


You install MacOS X first, then you go back and install Windows. The Windows installer will see the untyped or NTFS partition and offer to install Windows there.


It may be required to "repair" your Windows drive using the Windows repair CD. What you do in that case is go into the tool and set the active partition as the Windows partition, boot Windows and complete the installation, then use the tool again and set the active partition as the EFI partition, where the MacOS X boot loader resides.


The MacOS X boot loader (at least Chameleon, that is) will display all partitions and their icons, and allow you to select MaxOS X, MacOS X Backup, or Windows. The DATA and MacOS X Data partitions will be offered as well, but, of course, these are non-bootable.


I have abandoned single drive multi-system Desktop installations as it is really too much trouble, for these systems; for Laptop systems it may be considered a necessity. However, two drive Desktop systems work well for me.



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