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Stuck on USBMSC identifier (non-unique) when booting without -f parameter

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First post here, so hello everybody.

I found myself in desperate need of Xcode and have no Mac available at the moment, so I decided to try and turn an asus mini pc we had laying around in our office into a semi-working hackintosh machine; Yosemite Zone looked like a good distro to me.

It's an Asus E810, chipset is Q87, cpu is an i3 (don't remember the exact model), graphics is Intel HD 4400. I don't really care about Audio or wifi, and I am willing to tinker and spend some time to make the whole system work decently on my own, but I'm stuck on a problem.

The installer works "straight out of the box" with no need for boot flags or anything. After installing without customization, it boots straight into the system (it's a little slow and looks like it hasn't loaded the right display kexts, resolution is not right and it's pretty slow overall, but I can bear with it right now). I create my account, and then it goes to the desktop, where the hackintosh zone notifications warn me not to reboot. After a while it says my system is optimized. After this, whenever I try to boot into the system I get stuck on this: "USBMSC identifier (non-unique)" and some addresses. I already tried USBBusFix=Yes. The only way to boot back into the system is with the -f flag, but then the hackintosh zone optimization process will start again like it's first boot... Can you help me (and also give me some tips on how to load the right video kext for my system)? Thanks!

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