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HP DC7900 - help needed

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Hello all, HP Duocore E8400 Q45 chipset GMA4500 intigrated graphics - bios at max.


DLd and put on to USB, Niresh Yosemite.


Attempt to install - hangs at   disk2s2: 0x3e8 (UNDEFINED).


I tried to boot with this.


-v -f -x IGPEnabler=Yes GraphicsEnabler=No


None of the suggested hangs in the guide seem to match.


Is there more info I can give to help?   This hardware has worked for many at TMX - so I would like to try with Nirish, but so far no go.



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No suggestions?


Thought this forum was supposed to be support for this distro. I have tried to get this to boot on 4 different machines and not a one can I get to the installer.


Oh well, I will follow this thread, if anyone has ideas on how to get this to boot on core2duo q45/ich10 hardware. Thanks

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