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Installation of Yosemite Zone .dmg (10.10.1) could not be completed because of undefined error: 0 in intel i3 4th generation haswell processor

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First of all, when I am downloading Yosemite. dmg (10.10.1) torrent file from Utorrent why the sharing & permissions privilege of “Staff & everyone” is changing to Read only.



I tried to install Yosemite Zone.dmg (Niresh distro 10.10.1) in Windows haswell PC with a pen-drive (disk image restored with transmac) using boot flag  /haswell –no-zp –x  and formatted the whole 1 TB hard drive with Mac OS extended (journaled). 

Thereafter I made 5 partions in 1TB hard drive. First partition is ‘Yosemite HD’ (190 GB, selected format Mac OS extended (journaled), Second partition is ‘Cinema’ (250 GB) , selected format -ExFAT  Third is ‘Windows 8.1’ (160 GB), selected format MS-Dos (FAT). Fourth is ‘Songs Videos’ (260 GB), selected format ExFAT. Fifth is Documents (120 GB), selected ExFAT.

Then I selected Master Boot Record and clicked ‘Partition’ tab only to get the error (See Photo A) After partitioning, I selected “Yosemite HD” partition and made the following customization as shown in (Photos B, C & D ) and when I finished installing the distro in “Yosemite HD” I got this installation error (See photo E). When I restarted my computer I got boot0ss error (see photo F).



Again I went through the whole process but here before restarting the computer , I went to ‘Terminal’ and typed the following commands.

cp  –f  /Volumes/“Image Volume”/haswell  /Volumes/ “Yosemite”/System/Library/Kernels/kernel

rm  –rf  /Volumes/ “Yosemite”/System/Library/Catches

kextcache –u  /Volumes/ “Yosemite”

But here also I got the following errors (see photo G, H & I). When I restarted I got kernel panic

I also have attached the complete Log of the installation.


I also used boot-flag  /haswell  –v  –x   PCIRootUID=1  or  /haswell  –v  –x  ncpi=0x3000  but again I stuck to the undefined error: 0 when I finished installation in “Yosemite HD” (see photo A). I also typed the above terminal commands before “Restart” only to get this error (See photos J & K).

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