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Mano Aamer

VGA cable not working

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Hi guys,

so sorry for my many topics but i hope this will be the last topic  :) whatever

I installed mavericks successfully on my AMD PC

and when i try to start it i only get a no signal box in my screen after the apple logo and the spinning circle

I tried booting in safe mood and i tried many boot flags like -force64 and arch=i386

after a long time I connected my PC to my friend's monitor

the cable is HDMI and it started successfully with GraphicsEnabler=No

I disconnected the PC and i reconnected my monitor (with VGA cable)

and i used the same boot flag

and it booted successfully but at the start of Mavericks i get the no signal box (after the spinning circle)

so i think the problem is all about the VGA cable so how can i fix this problem and make my mavericks work on my monitor  :angry:


My Specs are

AMD FX 4100 Quad Core 3.6 GHz CPU

ATI Radeon HD 5770 GDDR5

8 GB of DDR3 RAM

MSI 970A G45 Motherboard


I have a DVI to VGA converter

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What port is your monitor connected to? The hdmi or the dvi or vga port?

the dvi

my monitor has a vga port that is connected to a dvi to vga converter and then to the card

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