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[Need Help] Dell E6410

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Yosemite Zone 10.10 + Dell E6410



Sata change to AHCI


Installation :

Created the USB installation using TransMac.

Boot into USB and formated the harddisk as Mac Journaled.

Select the disk and continue to install

Rebooted and see bootload to select the harddisk and recovery.

Booted and goes into BLACK screen without any text or image


tried boot flag during bootload screen (space bar)

GraphicsEnabler=YES ... NO


-x .. ends up hang there with the bootloader screen blur out.

-v .. can see the progression but I guess when it loads the GUI .. its goes into the BLACK screen.


Anyone has success with Dell E6410 laptop ?

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Did you finally manage to get it working?


Do you have graphics intel or nvidia?


Thanks in advance.

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Fix black screen with following steps:

You can "reset" them by unplugging it, removing the battery, then the RAM, replace the RAM then the battery. This can clear all kinds of minor glitches. However, if the problem is of a more serious nature then you may have to contemplate cutting your losses and getting a new laptop as this one is worth less than it would cost to have it repaired professionally.

Check Dell Latitude E6410 Manual for more support. 

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