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Well, after the thread that I created, I got a VMware image of OS X 10.9 fully functional and could create a USB Installer directly by MAC OS restore as seen here and here (diskutil terminal method). Now the bootloader don't reboot the system as before, and let me see what is happening with boot.


I make a couple of flag tests and have no sucess in none of the tries. I kindly ask you to help me, because performing the hackintosh in this machine is what I want most in these last days, and I'm willing to perform any maneuver that is required.


Below, I'll put a link with photos of ALL tries I do, to share with you all to analyze with details my situation.


  • [*]
Only with -v flag: http://imgur.com/PyJDx68
  • [*]
With -v + CPUs=1 flags: http://imgur.com/IGG49mC [*]With -v + CPUs=1 + GraphicsEnabler=No flags: http://imgur.com/OEiCud4 [*]With -v + CPUs=1 + GraphicsEnabler=No + npci=0x2000 flags: http://imgur.com/Jy9T1uB [*]With -v + CPUs=1 + GraphicsEnabler=No + npci=0x2000 + PCIRoot=1 flags: http://imgur.com/C71aNnF


And now, just to avoid having to access the other topic, I'll put my specs again:


Processor: Core i7 3960X
Motherboard: DX79SI (offboard)
Memory: 16GB DDR 3 (4x4GB)
VGA: Sapphire HD 6950 - 2GB (Which is impossible to replace by now)
HD: SSD 96GB Kingston
May have given something wrong in the creation of USB? As I said in another topic, I have an old notebook from my mother (a Acer Aspire 1410 - Celeron 1.2ghz with 2GB RAM) where I test the USB boot installer and with this Niresh distro 10.9 also shows these errors (In version 10.8.2, the Acer notebook's boot directly without any flag. The desktop boot without problems only with the flag cpus=1. But on the desktop the drivers for Audio, video and wifi are not installed and I don't know how to make them work).
Please if you need ANY information about my config, just ask and I will give any information you need. Since now, thank you all very much.

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where the images from desktop or laptop , you want help for laptop or desktop ????

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Sorry, where did you see images of a laptop?


If you are asking about the Acer, it was just a comment comparing with another laptop I have here at my disposal for testing which worked without problems.

I need help on the desktop described on specs, and all the pics is of the screen of the desktop.

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