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HD 7850 No kext loaded

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Hi this Work for me 



1. Open /S/L/E find AMD7000Controller.kext

2. Right click and 'Show package contents'

3. Go to Contents 

4. Copy Info.plist to your desktop

5. Edit Info.plist with text edit:

       a ) Use find tool to find 0x68181002

       b ) Replace 0x68181002 with 0x68191002

       c ) Save file

6. Copy Info.plist back to kext content folder

7. Back in S/L/E find AMDRadeonX4000.kext

8. Repeat steps 2-5. 

9. After all just Repair permissions and rebuild kextcache - I use Kext Utility.




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Succesfully installed Mavericks, but graphics card is not working.

I have ASUS AMD 7850 2GB ram graphics card. Vendor 1002, DeviceID: 6819, SUBSYS: 042c1043 REV 00


I have deleted all graphic kexts and used just two, already with modified Info.plist - replaced 0x68181002 with 0x68191002:


AMDRadeonX4000.kext,  AMD7000Controller.kext


Permissions repaired, caches wiped.


After reboot I have got still Memory Allocation error! just before boot.


Boot is possible with GraphicsEnabler=No only, but no kexts loaded.


Please what other graphics kexts I should have in /System/Library/Extensions/ ?


thank fot help

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Just those two Kext Files need to be changed and instead of replacing 0x68181002 with 0x68191002 in both files add them as the first device in the list.

So where 0x68181002 find the one the front of the set and replace it 0x68191002.

I know 0x68181002 shows up at the end of each line and for me it works best to have 0x68191002 as the first Id in the row.

Currently running the 7850 and 5450 with 3 displays.

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I have done some research, there is another problem.


I have done this:


-removed all graphics kexts

-boot with GraphicsEnabler=NO


then I have tried to load kexts manually:   kextload AMDRadeonX4000.kext,  kextload AMD7000Controller.kext


but one of them needs dependency AMDSupport.kext, which seems to be incompatible


so please, could You zip and upload for me all graphic kexts, compatible with 7850 2GB RAM?






for example - I dont now exactly which ones, but You, who has got this card working, could help me

  1. AMD7000Controller.kext
  2. AMDRadeonX4000.kext, 
  3. AMDFramebuffer.kext
  4. AMDRadeonVADriver.bundle
  5. AMDRadeonX4000GLDriver.bundle
  6. AMDSupport.kext


thank You very much !!!

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Finally I have got it!


I had several obstacles , I have had to deal with:


1) GraphicsEnabler has to be permanently off



just edit /Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist


and set it to  "n" :







2) do not download any kexts, all You need is from Niresh Mavericks install DVD


delete all graphics kext instead of these:





















Delete 0x68181002  at Info.plist of  AMDRadeonX4000.kext and AMD7000Controller.kext, Add 0x68191002 at the front for both


3) If You get dark screen after reboot, just plug in DVI cable to another port of Your card!






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