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Basic boot flags for the Macintosh System or Hackintosh Systems

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"GraphicsEnabler=Yes" This is needed for Intel HD 4000 installation.


"cpus=1" This may be needed for some 2011 socket

 motherboards and some laptop

 computers. TSC Sync should be selected for those 2011

 socket motherboards during install.


"UseKernelCache=No" This command is needed for 

 computers that freeze at any point

 (including "PCI Configuration Begin" line) 

 or computers that act weird this can be a CMOS reset

 or ignoring other SATA ports issue.


By entering this command, ElliottRTC.kext and modified IOPCIFamily.kext will be loaded during install.


"-v" Verbose mode. (Basically tells you wants happening  

 during boot up.)


"-x" Safe mode (Basically boots your system with the bare

  minimum kexts.)



"-s" = Single user mode. Command line only mode. Allows  

 you to run commands as root to fix system.


"-F" = Ignore boot setting in Boot.plist


"USBBusFix=Yes" This option is to fix USB related issues of

 some motherboards that can cause

 freeze or USB ports to fail.


"npci=0x3000" Computers that freeze on "[ PCI 

 Configuration Begin ]" line may try this command.


"ATIConfig=xx" "xx" is the ATI framebuffer name for target  

 model (search it on google). 

 This may be needed for some Intel HD 4000 + ATI gpu  

 computers to boot with "GraphicsEnabler=Yes" command.




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Hello friend I hope you can help me
my laptop is a compaq CQ 57_AMD
-I downloaded the 10.8.5 USB Niresh
-start with the intalation (amd64) is what could crank or start
intalation-after (- x) intalacion multibeash and other
* The empeso Problem with ethernet network not detected by testing my kexts
I were my alluda given me this error
mustro photos so you can see, and if you can help me
I have tried many flags (-v,-x,-F,-f, NPCI = 0x2000 and other more, always
hangs here

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Hello, i tryed to install  OS X mavericks and an error ocurred 

"This version of Mac OS X is not suported in this platform"

"Reason ms-46gf "

I have and MSI GE60 Apache with intel i7, what i should do?


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