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GTX 780 TI Driver causing crashes/graphical error

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So, now that I am more awake... (My last thread was posted after I had been up for 24+ hours) I can give a more comprehensive post. I use the niresh distro and use bootflags npci=0x3000 and nv_disable=1. That will get me to a desktop that is not graphically accellerated (obviously) and can. After some fiddling around, I can install Nvidia web drivers for 10.10.1 for my EVGA GTX 780 ti and add the flag nvda_drv=1 and get rid of nv_disable=1 to my chameleon boot plist. I then reboot and get to a desktop with drivers enabled. However, if i open any application the drivers will crash and give an error along the lines of "Grapical Error do you want to send a report?". I cleared NVRAM with "nvram -c" and rebooted and while that stopped the physical error box from displaying on the screen, its still hangs and will eventually crash. When reboot, I get a kernel panic that will stop at "Debugger not configured. Hanging." I can usually get past it if I set cpus=1 but sometimes it will then hang at "IObluetooth yada yada - complete" which I can then get past with nv_disable... It's a constant loop.



CPU: FX-8150

MOBO: ASROCK 990FX extreme 9

GPU: EVGA GTX 780 ti



What have I done wrong?

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So everything runs fine until I reboot more than once. It gives me a kernel panic that i need to use cpus=1 to bypass and i am then good for one more clean reboot. After that, i get the same kernel panic.

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