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Need help configuring System

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Hello everyone. I have a custom built computer that I would like to dual boot into Windows 7 Ultimate and Mac OS X 10.8.5 (and then update to latest Yosemite).
This is my hardware:
1. AMD FX 8350
2. Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 Rev.4 Mobo

3. 8GB Patriot Viper RAM

4. EVGA GeForce GTX 660 3Gb GPU

5. Samsung SSD 120Gb

6. Seagate HDD 2Tb

7. Seagate HDD 160Gb

8. DVD Drive


What I want to do:

1. Install Windows 7 Ultimate on the SSD

2. Install OS X Mountain Lion (and then update to Yosemite) on the 160Gb HDD

3. Use the 2Tb HDD as storage for programs,music, documents,etc..., and have it accessible to both OSs


I am using the Niresh 10.8.5 Distro DVD.


I used the DVD to boot the installer by using "amdfx" at the boot prompt, and it booted to the Installer after about 10 minutes. I formated my 160Gb HDD, customized my installation, and installed OS X on it. After about 30 minutes (The installer time isn't accurate; it stayed on less than one minute reamaing for about 5 minutes), the Install finished.


I rebooted my computer and chose to boot from the OS X HDD. It took me to the Apple Screen w/ the spining circle for about a minute, then it went to a gray screen. I restarted the computer, the same thing happened.


I looked online, and found this site: Hackintosh Grey Black White Screen Fix

I tried it's first suggestion, and it worked. I was able to boot into the OS X User Setup Screen. I created my user account and all of that, and then I was taken to the desktop.


However, after I restarted my computer to go install Windows 7, I booted into OS X just to be sure, and it didn't work. I get the grey Apple screen w/ the circle spinning clock wise, and then after about a minute, the hard drive stops being read from.


I tried the suggestion again, but that didn't work.


Now my questions are:

1. How can successfuly install OS X Moutain Lion?

2. Succesfuly dual boot Windows and Mountain Lion? 


I don't mind restarting the whole installation process; I just want it to work well.


I'm very good with computers, it's just that this whole Hackintosh thing is kind of complex.


I sincerely do appreciate your help! Thanks!


----------------------------*Edit 1*------------------------------------------

After 2 ******* days, I managed to get OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.5 somewhat installed.

I used Multibeast, the Yosemite edition. I installed some kexts and some other customizations.


However, there are still some problems that I need help on.


1. The graphics are very laggy. When I open the Notification center, it turns somewhat red, and flashes.

Going on Safari, esp. websites w/ animations is painfully slow.

I suspect this is a driver issue. I had to use the "grafix backup all" command after installing OS X and then booting into SIngle User Mode "-s"


2. The USB ports don't work. They provide power, I verified this because my keyboard has an LED light that is on all of the time, and my flash drive's LED light is on. I can't use any of my 16 USB ports.

I suspect this has to do with Multibeast because this has never happend before.


If any one can help, I really would appreciate it.

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