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Khoa Dumbo Le

I cant seem to boot with AHCI and Legacy..

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Khoa Dumbo Le

I cant seem to boot with AHCI and Legacy..

When I boot Clover and Yosemite zone, i used to get to this screen:


But during the install, I got an error that freezed my pc, so I have to power off.

When I started the pc again I got this Boot0SS: Error

So I installed Ubuntu and formated the HDD in my PC (My windows is in SSD), I have a 1TB HDD on my pc.

After i formated it still had the error. So I decided to download clover and install it with the Boot0ss on the usb stick, but since I have deleted the HDD with the mac osx, its empty.

So now that i boot from the usb stick, with ahci and legacy, the error is gone, but i dont get to the screen over i usually did.

Its the same screen, with a line that is blinking, waiting for it to write or something, and thats it. I can post a screenshot later if you need.

Any suggestion how to fix this?

PC: MSI GE70 2OE-011NE

My specs: CPU: Intel Core i7 (4. generasjon) 4700MQ / 2.4 GHz Chipset Mobile Intel HM87 Express Grafikkprosessor NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M - 2 GB GDDR5 SDRAM 128 SSD 1TB HDD 8GB RAM

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