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Strange issue

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So, I have AMD Athlon II X2 250 and VTX Radeon HD 4670, which OSX recognises as hd 4600, it has 1gb ram. Now, I installed the OSX with boot flag GraphicsEnabler=No and some other stuff, and now I have a strange issue. When I for example open youtube and start watching a vid, the vid loads ect. and the video runs fine, but after like 45 seconds it starts to stutter and the only way i can keep it to play smoothly is if i move my mouse around. Then it started to happen on every thing i open, including about my mac. When I click on it it just stays there and when I move my mouse then it loads up to the little window with os version, cpu and ram. What could it possibly be? Nothing happens until I press a key or move my mouse.

I thought it might be just a flash problem when it happened in youtube, so i updated it but that didn't help. Maybe my gpu?

PS: also, all icons in launchpad have only red and white colours in them

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