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Hackintosh Zone website bugs

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I recently register myself here in Hackintosh Zone and find some bugs:


Bug #1: There's no way to create a new account by using a Facebook account.


I had registered using my Facebook account. Its all fine, except that I can't download anything - there's a message requesting me to confirm my email, but I don't receive an email.


The message is the following:

"As part of the registration process, we require you to validate your email address. You will need to do this before you can post or download.

Please check your inbox for your validation email from us and click the link provided in it. If you did not receive this, please Click Here to resend it."


When I tried to resend the email, I put my "Sign in name" ("loureirorg") and an error it's showed:


"You must enter a valid username between 3 and 32 characters"


I had tried in Chrome and Firefox - the error its the same.


When I give up and try to create a new account by the normal process, I can't choose my email anymore ("This email address is in use"). So I had to use an alternative email.



Bug #2: the "Help topics" font color are invisible


Ok, I had a problem registering a new account, so I search a way to inform the Hackintosh Zone admins. So, I found this place:




But when I click on a topic (eg: "How to Register"), a box is openned with more information. The problem is that background color is light gray, and the font color is white. It's impossible to read anything. I tried in Chrome and Firefox - the problem its the same.





PS: I don't know if here is the better place to post that, but I'm newbie here and don't find a better place. Moderators fell free to remove / move this to an appropriated place. There's a place to question the Hackintosh Zone itself?

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