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Kernel Panic after installation starting

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My motherboard is gigabyte Ga-z97x-ud5h And i ve lot of problems with usb Niresh yosemite installation (prepared with trans mac).

My cpu is core i7 4790k And i use the integrated intel graphics card. Ram is 16gb Gskill 2133 mhz.

I boot with -x -v flags And i arrive at menù language screen. After i go to disk Utility And create a guid partition in my ssd Samsung evo 250 Gb. When i choose customize for kekts, starts my problems. I m not sure of what choice i ve to do in kekts menù, i ve maiden always wrong choice. Because when installation start, usb drive blink only for two or there minutes, than screen kernel panic appear And installation stop ped.....so Could you hel me to set up my uefi Bios corrrectly And which ketks ve i to choice?

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Similar Issue. Using Gigabyte H97n-WIFI with Core i7 4790K Crucial Ram. 120Gb Samsung SSD, Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 4Gb.


Only way I can get to installer is by using the safe mode "-x" flag. Otherwise it just hangs after connecting the Bluetooth module. gives some random code like 0x9700 0x7000 then hangs forever. No kernel panic, No crash, Just freezes

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