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Dell inspiron 5421

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Hello, I've been trying to install 10.10 on this laptop for 3 days now. I can get it to install but am plagued with issues after the install.


I will try and list all my laptop component that i can recall to help


chipset HM77

intel i7 3537U

Intel 4000HD

Nvidia 730M

changed wifi card to BCM supported card (works under 5,2 smbios)


1. When i install i need a smbios version of 5,2 to fix my wifi but the installer doesn't give me that option. so when i install my USB or Wifi doesn't work meaning i can't download the fixes off the internet. i have other laptops but as i mentioned the USB doesn't mount USB disks but will work if i plug a mouse of keyboard into them


2. when i install the voodoops2 kexts via the installer and then try and boot with just -v the ps2 kexts throw a panic.do i have to uninstall these kexts and install newer ones as i recall reading i do.


3. What settings do i use to get my graphics working properly? are there boot flags i can use so i don't have to keep running the installer in safe mode?  The flags i use are below as follows


kext-dev-mode=1 -v npci=0x2000 GraphicsEnabler=No dart=0 USBBusFix=Yes (if i don't use this i get failed to enumerate errors)


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated


thanks in advance

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might be worth mentioning that niresh's installer pretty much ALWAYS fails to install for me. Although 10.10 is installed there seems to be things like the bootloader and god knows what else missing. i can boot into my installation with the USB though

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