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No hard drive seen in disk utility while trying install Yosemite


Hi dear, i have an problem with the installation of Yosemite on my desktop ( DELL Precision 490) I have succesfully installed mavericks on it using another tool from the OSX latitude site , and now i am trying to install Yosemite on my desktop using the tools provided on this site.

I used the installation guide of Yosemite Hackingtosh Vanilla with MacPwn

I created succesfully an bootable USB drive and the boot goes well , I select install and use no flags or other settings. The installation boot goes well but when i tried to select the hard drive on witch i want to install Yosemite on it I only see my USB drive of 8 GB.

I connected my Mavericks to the same SATA cable and th desktop boot up well without any problem. ? I tried two different hard drives so this is also not the problem.

Must perhaps something extra being installed on the USB drive?

Can someone help me with issue?  I am that close to the installation but need help rom experts ( i am an noowby in this)


Greets from Holland.

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I had the same problem then I figured out that my BIOS mode was not EHCI.

When I put it on EHCI I could see the partitions from the Disk Utility.


Play with the BIOS if you ask me. (I am also a newbie but I managed to install the Yosemite Zone)

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Thanks i checked the bios but was configured as AHCI  , i read somewhere that perhaps replace the appleAHCI.kext, IOAHCIFamily.kext, and IOPCIFamily.kext in the usb install drive but then the installation stops half way.

More suggestion?


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