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how to create bootpen?

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i tryed following:


Win. System:

TransMac -> Format USB Stick 8GB (HFS+)

Transmac -> restore image (Yosemite-zone.dmg) to USB Stick

result: No bootable device found.....


Mac.System (VirtualBox - OSX 10.9.x):

Copy restorepackadge and Yosemite-zone.dmg on a blank drive/folder (in my case a blank Virtual HDD)

Start restorepackadge

after a few trys and a lot of reading it works.

Q: duration about 10- 20min on the virtual maschine, is that normal?

result: No Bootable device found.....


I've tryed this with 2 diffrent USB Sticks, more then once and it never works,

also i create a bootable device with "Boot Disk utility" to be sure that both USB Sticks work correct.


My question:

Do i have to copy the cameleon Bootloader (or Clover) manual to the USB Stick or should the USB work without doing anything else?


And the end of this never ending story i think i spend 20hours only too create a bootable pen and this forum/thread is my last hope!











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@Vexurius when you restore the image with TransMac it turns into a bootable usb but if your bios settings are not correct it may not work

for the virtualbox use the ISO file

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