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Optiplex 755 kernel panic on install

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  • system dell optiplex 755 tower
  • cpu core 2 quad 9400
  • 8gb ddr2 ram (797mhz)
  • chipset q35 ich9d0
  • Graphics card palit nvidia geforce gt610 1gb ddr3 ram
  • Vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de)
  • Device ID: 0x104a
  • Revision ID: 0x00a1
  • ROM Revision: preset 1.0.0
  • ethernet intel 82566dm gigabit lan
  • Audio
  • graphics resolution 1440x900x32bit
  • achi version 1.2 supported
  • usb appleusbuhci
  • 2 x 500gb hdd disk1 mint win64 debian hdd
  • disk2 formated as mac journaled 4 partitions
  • partion1 booting lion 10.7.5 Audio ethernet and graphics working (card properly working in 10.7.5 but not in 10.7.0-4)
  • Bios version A19

Ok I had 10.9.5 working on a third hard drive that had been copied from another system initially it wouldn't work internally but as a usb drive it booted and i was able to add 10.8.4 AppleACPIPlatform.kext unfortunately i made the error of letting disk utility touch my drive and since then it will not boot also if its on the system lion says it will not write to it unless its been formatted.


I've made a number of install dvd's and usb boot drives. however i always end up with a reset before getting to the installer menus, i get a brief glimpse of a gray screen with an apple sometimes. generally its a kernel panic usually complaining about acpi or xnu power management.


currently i have a usbstick with a myhack installed osx base system with the generic extra files. a niresh9 which is bootable one that isn't and a number of others and a few blank dual layer dvd's I've been trying different flags and i think PCIRootUUID should be 4 but i am not sure.


I know people have successfully installed on an optiplex 755 but i've not managed to find any guide that works for me. I have a reasonable idea of what people mean when they say s/l/e or e/e one thing i'm not sure about is the case sensitivity of the boot options a lot of resets seem to come at loading mkext. any suggestions how to proceed?


found a suitable incantation for 10.8.5 from Niresh


-v cpus=1 npci=0x3000 PCIRootUID=1 GraphicsEnabler=Yes


only problem no network so far I tried my existing e1000kext but no dice.


Well typing this from mountain lion  i don't know exactly what has changed but

I was able to make a user account when i booted -v cpus=1 -x


Something is upsetting the bios settings as it complains on boot up that the bios settings are invalid. I had this before with mavericks i thought perhaps my Bios battery was worn out but i changed it and I still have the same issues, its something osx is doing to my bios this i am sure.


How do i find out which boot options are being used by default? under customise for example on the installer the default seems to be use 0x2000 and PCIRootUID  is not checked, so kind of handy to find an answer to that one.

Seems strange the Ethernet is now automagically working although it did teach me a little about kexts and device id's so not all bad. 


I guess this post should be moved as its now about 10.8.5 not mavericks allthough I still aim to keep going. :)


I found a 10.9.5 raw usb image on a spanish forum with chameleon and clover boot loaders default is clover but pressing 1 gets chameleon


after a lot of crash and burn i found npci=0x3000 (PCIRoot=1) -s -x -v -f got me into the installer i just had to exit from single user mode.  i manged to do npci=0x3000 PCIRoot -s -v -f  and exited for an install. The internal hard drives are not seen because of the old controller but a usb disk is and if i can get that booting i think i know how to fix the sata problem with 10.8.4 kexts . 

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