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No USB Keyboard and Mouse in install screen

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So I've been reading a bunch and can't seem to get past this basic issue. Setup is a Gigabyte P55M-UD2 board with ATI HD5670 video card.

I created the USB boot drive but when it gets to the point of selecting a language I have no keyboard or mouse. Seems like there is no power.

I tried various flags I read about but no luck. From the reading I've done seems that it may be a graphics issue which makes some sense because the screen draws/refreshes really slowly on the language selection screen.


From what I read people have said to delete all graphics kexts? Not sure how to do that?


Also read of someone with a similar issue who put a tonymac dsdt file on the USB boot drive that is specific for this Mobo but renamed it first. Not sure how to copy files to the USB since I don't have a mac, only windows machines.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Well things have gotten better. I found a program to mount mac file systems and copied the mob specific .aml file to the extras folder after renaming it DSDT.aml


Success! I had mouse and keyboard. After it installed and on first boot where you have to select location I again had no keyboard or mouse. Again I went to windows and copied that DSDT.aml file to the extras folder but in this case on the drive I installed Yosemite to and again I now I had mouse & keyboard.


Finished the install and it is mostly working.


First issue is I have no sound. I'm using the mob sound which I believe is a Realtek ALC888B


Second issue is that I have multi monitors but they aren't working. During the Hackitosh grey boot screen The main monitor is working (DVI port on HD 5670) but second monitor isn't. Once booted the main monitor blacks out and the 2nd monitor (VGA port on HD 5670) works.


Any ideas on how to fix these issues? I'd really like to have the main DVI port as primary monitor and VGA port as my secondary monitor.


Again from the reading I've done it seems to be related to kext files but I am unsure how to correct it. Also read about injectors?


Thanks in advanced.

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Well I've gotten a bit further along. I now have dual monitors working each with a different resolution. What I did was download Multibeast and then use it to load the mobo specific DSDT file.


Still having issues with no sound. Trying different drivers via multicast as that is the only way I know how to at the moment.


On a different note. I actually had 4 monitors working on this machine in Windows 7. I have a second graphics card, a Nvidia GT660 card. Is it possible to get a 3rd or all 4 monitors working in OS X Yosemite or am I dreaming?


On a side note Multibeast seems to have changed my boot screen as well.

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