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Internet (via cable) freezing after some time? [AMD]

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My complete setup:
MOBO: Asus M5A97R2 LE
GPU: Club King Radeon HD7850 1GB Royal King
CPU: AMD FX 8350

Soundcard: Creative X-FI Audio PCI



Why my ethernet connection sometimes freezing? I mean, network manager is showing "connected" but I'm totally losing internet, even ping is not working, or external apps for example - Yatse (Kodi remote) for android or vnc client. It is totally random and everything which I can do is reboot.


PS. I used "All in one internet solution" because right after install I had no connection at all.


I started new thread, because old one is about graphics adapter. Everything else is working fine.


Thanks for all help.



It is to early to say, but I (probably) fixed it using this:

RealtekRTL8111-Binary 1.2.3



OK now I can tell that it is fixed.


EDIT3 - No, it is not.

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