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Dual boot remove Windows completly

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I have Yosemite and Win 8 on dual boot.

Yosemite works well... and I have not booted to Win 8 in last 3 months or so.

I have everything I need on OS X, so I would like to take in usage that windows reserved disk space.


What is right way to do this?


In Disk Utility I can format disks, but I assume I need to modify boot also so I can get faster boot to Yosemite / remove dual boot.


I have "standard" Yosemite Zone installation so I have not tweaked etc boot at the moment.


Also now on boot it seems to wait... maybe user input if you want to boot to windows... dunno... I have not booted to windows since I installed Yosemite with new boot loader ;)

How do I remove this... I suppose it is also gone when I get windows from boot options away?






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