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We think  Yosemite Distro size ( worth : 5.1 GB )  is no surprise after all big this aren't always in small packs , But somehow it must be splitted into file so that the needy one can have it in worst INTERNET cases like in India ( where speed is 20-25 Kb/sec , Torrent says he will take 356 days to download . huh :-(  ).


So its a humble urge to all community members to please provide a alternative  as :


  • Yosemite 10.10.1.iso being splitted into 2 to 3 packages ( one can easily download in 2 to 4 goes ) . 


Thanks in advance...


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Nothing is better than Torrent, It will take you around 10-12 days to download it, dont worry about Torrent ETA, if you keep your pc  running 12hrs contnusly for 10 days, your file will complete downloading 


Welll i also belong to india, Please upgrade your plan, do not blame on India for that, Airtel is offering 16 mbps and many others 100 Mbps too

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