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Optiplex 9010 with Geforce GT 740 installs and then fails on reboot

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I get what appears to be a perfect installation on my system.  I then wait for it to finish telling me that it's doing the post installation work.  Everything looks great until I reboot and then I can't get it to reboot.  Midway through the progress indicator both of my monitors go black.  This seems to be at the same point that on the first boot it went from single screen mode to using both of my screens.


I also can't boot with -x.


Since it came up and looked great for a while, I assume the post-installation is breaking something.  Any hints how to diagnose?



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this is only going to be a temerary fix for it actaully creates a new problem for me but here it is;


boot: ncpi=0x(2000/3000) nv_disable=1


That second part allowed me to get past the black screen. As far as the problem it created - Now my monitor is not recognised as it had been, and it is currently in a stretched mode, with mild glitches. I imagine I now have to download a driver for this card. Goodluck to you and let me know if you make it past this point.

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I understand this problem very well as i face many errors in reboot. Some it doesn't began, some time it stop in middle and so on. But i fix it by following method:

  • Restart the computer.
  • At the Dell logo during restart, tap the F2 key repeatedly until you see Entering Setup in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Depending on the BIOS, you may need to press a key listed at the bottom of the screen to load default settings. 
  • Press ESC to exit the BIOS, and be sure to select Save and Exit to save your changes.

If you don't understand these steps properly then read their detail explanation in Dell OptiPlex 9010 Manual. This method fully resolve your rebooting issue. 

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