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[Asus Q550LF] Help configuring some things for post-install

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Hey I'm hackintoshing my laptop, an Asus q550lf. Some help getting some things working would be great!

Not working:

Keyboard backlight


2-finger scrolling with the touchpad


Battery indicator

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How did you even manage to get OSX running on this laptop? i have the same one, please post any useful info that can help me install it to this laptop like your bios settings.
Try multibeast if you haven't already, the hackintoshing community kinda passed up this laptop due to issues even getting it to boot. maybe this distro has fixed that, who knows. as far as the touchpad goes i know for a fact you're SOL because im primarily a linux user and the trackpad is unsupported in all the distros ive tried (lost track at like 30) it works, but nothing fancy does.


if you cant get it to work just install an excessive amount of kexts, and then if youre still at a loss just reformat the drive and install something linux based like elementary os

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Hi there! Im about to re do my install so I'll go ahead and write a little guide as I go along. And I'm triple booting as well with windows 10 and Ubuntu 14. For me, almost everything works on Ubuntu out of the box!! Two finger scrolling, backlight, keyboard backlight, wifi, etc. I'm not sure why you're having problems! I also didn't have trouble getting os x to just boot for some reason.

So I'll probably have the guide up tonight or so and I'll just post it in this thread. Hopefully you and many others will get some use out of it! And hopefully we can get this awesome laptop almost fully working.

I will be buying a new WiFi card that works with os x, though. Do you know the best one that is compatible with yosemite with or without kexts?


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