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Connacht the Wolf

Boot problem with asus n550jk

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Connacht the Wolf

Good evening to everyone, i'm new here and this is my first post. First of all greetings from Italy.


Well, I ask for your help cause i'm trying to install Maverick on my Asus N550JK. (all specifications here http://www.asus.com/Notebooks_Ultrabooks/N550JK/specifications/) with windows 8.1.

I was able to install Maverick on my old notebook, Acer Aspire 5740DG (always with win 8.1) but with my new notebook i'm not able to do this because when i try to boot Mavs from usb it start and show me just for a second the grey screen with the apple logo and then the system restart. 
I used -verbose and even here it restart without give me the time to read the "problem"; i made a clip with my mobile phone and looking at a single frame i read this:



I have absolutely no idea of what to do. The Bios is Aptio Setup Utility, it's really poor, but i was able to update it to the last versione (208) and set it right (at least i think)  except for the Hpet voice that i can't find.

I also used -x and -F but nothing change.

Please help me because i'm going crazy!



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