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Dell Inspiron 5421- Maverick 10.9.0 - Graphics Intel HD 4000

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I am new here. I have installed Niresh Maverick 10.9.0 . It is working great. Even Graphics Card found Intel HD 4000 and GT 730 M. But problem is it is showing 64 MB shared. I can not play some vidoes on VLC. Graphics is not enabled in full Graphics power. All the time flicks specially when I open Safari or move any window :( :( and also any video doesn't work.

Need to increase VRAM .


Bootloader: Chimera (latest)


Could any one please tell me how can i fix it. As i am new on this. Please make it clear so that i can understand easily.

PC Configuration :

Core i7 2.1

Ram : 8 GB

Hard Disk :1 TB

Sound Card: high defination

Graphics :Intel HD 4000  and GT 730 M

Please check screen Shot




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Installed Clover. But could not boot with it. It shows boot error.  Is there any other way so that i can simply increase my vram ?

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I tried with Chameleon wizard but i got this "Display 64 MB of Shared System Memory" which used to show me "Intel HD Graphics 4000 Mobile 64 MB of Shared System Memory"

I tried with igplatform putting all 0X006601(x= 0-9 & A )

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