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Alienware x51 r2 Hackintosh?

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Hi! My name is Dextre and i'm fairly new to this whole Hackintosh scene. I've been trying to get my pc to dual boot Niresh 10.10 Yosemite for a while off of a bootable USB. It isnt working. I am running chameleon, and when i boot i get a flash of white with some logo that i cant make out, and sometimes a gray apple logo, before it cycles back to the Alienware legacy boot screen( if it helps i think i am on A06 Bios) 

My Specs are: 

i7 4770 

8gb Ram 

Nvidia 760 Ti 

and WiFi is not important to me right now. 

I am using trans mac. 

I have currently Windows 8.1 stock running off of the comp already, and my end goal is to be able to dual boot the two. 

Thank You in advance!


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Hello, I do not very well speak English, but I have install Yosemite 10.10.2 on my AlienWare x51 r2 with this guide.



- Haswell.dmg

I do not still have solved the problem of the sound.

Wifi and Blutooth, Do not work !

Y bay USB Blutooth and work perfect whit Apple Keyboard and trackpad.

Network is unstable


Good Luck !

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