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Success AMD phenom x4 965, ati 6870

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Hello Everyone here are my specs, full working Graphics/CPU:


AMD Phenomx4 965@3.4

AMD 6870 1GB Saphire

Gigabyte 990FXA UD3

8Gb Ram

SSD + HDD for apps

TPLink 851ND 300mbps


Steps installation:


/amd npci=0x3000


after install GraphicsEnabler=YES AtiConfig=Duckweed AtiPorts=5


Updated to 10.9.4... replaced kernel 2 times this one 10.9.4!! multibeast last 4 mavericks.... booted with extra flag:arch=x86_64.


And My Scores on Cinebench are:  PIC  CPU=341(awesome 45 more than windows!!!) GPU:54.37 (16 less than in windows, perfomrance similar to 5770...) 


Tried some games i got 60 fps on Counter Strike Source at high almost everything.


So Thnx 4 this awesome distro i have my perfect hackintosh :)


I hope this can help someone!





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@berto5 Thanks so much for posting! I was literally just looking for how to do this.


Do I need to use one of the kernels in the link you posted (I also have an AMD Phenom II x4)?


The reason I ask, is I've backed up my existing kernel, and wasn't sure if there would be a version compatibility issue with it on 10.9.4?

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I have successfully updated to 10.9.4 using the kernel you posted - thanks man!

Hello!! Perfect that was my intention to help someone not to waste 2 weeks... hahaha i've been trying for perfect config so many times, don't update yosemite kernels are not fully developed right now...


Cheers bro's! :tongueout:  :tongueout:

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