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Bill Sherlock Hedges

Stuck at "Less than a minute"

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Bill Sherlock Hedges

I'm trying to install Mavericks on an AMD Athlon x2 4200+ machine. Pretty old but I'd told a friend I'd give it a go.


I used the following boot flags to successfully boot to the installation:

amd64 -v -f USBLegacyOff=Yes npci=0x2000

I didn't make any changes to the installation (didn't customize it in any way), and eventually when it gets to the end, the installation just hangs at "Time remaining: Less than a minute".

I understand this is a common problem, and that sometimes it's best just to leave it and wait it out - but I've left it for around 14 hours straight and still nothing.


Can anyone explain what the actual cause of this is, if there is one given cause - or how I can go about fixing/getting past this stage?



Motherboard: Asrock AM2+ Quad Core (really not sure on the model, it's not written anywhere on the board)

CPU: AMD Athlon x2 4200+

RAM: 4GB DDR2 (4x 1GB slots)

GPU: Radeon (not sure on model, but I have tried without the Radeon in too so I don't think this is the problem)

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