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Installation continues even if DSMOS has arrived?

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Yesterday, I want to try the new Yosemite 10.10.1


My rig:

Phenom II x4 955


GeForce 660Ti 2GB

Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P


I have boot with flags: /amd64 -v npci=0x2000

Without that npci=0x2000, boot stuck at PCI configuration


But then I end at this screen:


it is not my actual screen, but I have last 3-4 lines the same.


Now the weird part - when I hit enter, the installer will show, and I can continue with installation, create partitions in disk utility and so...

According to my information, after DSMOS, there is no chance to continue with boot, or instalation, is it true?

But then instalation is veeeery slow....it goes to "11 minutes remaining" and then it move very slow. I have waited an hour to get "8 minutes remaining". Then I terminated it. Is this because of DSMOS?


I have tried various boot flags:




-s (and backup graphics kexts...but it writes "volume is write protected" O_o )



also i tried to uncheck graphics enabler and backup graphics kexts in OSX installer advanced settings ...nothing helps


When I tried Mavericks, it was running very good. So I thought, Yosemite will be also running without problems.


What can I do with that DSMOS?

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Abdullah Al-Mamun

DSMOS!! lucky that it arrived tough


honestly...U should have waited for that 8 mins.


patience all u need to run mac OS X specially when it's an AMD machine  :)


Good Luck

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Well, every minute in installer, after it moved from "11 minutes remaining" to "10 minutes remaining"  has been about 20 minutes in real time...I do not have so much time. I really dont know what is bad with Yosemite....

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