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Is this safe

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Hello guys, first time poster here.

I am wondering, how safe it is to install Niresh's distro of OS X Mavericks?
I do know that apple has EULA that forbids u from installing apple software on non apple hardware and that they tend to look the other way if you actually buy the system and upgrade from snow leopard to mavericks, however due to the simple fact that i have an AMD PC i cant get snow leopard running to download the image of Mavericks to then install onto my PC.

Back to the point - just how safe it is to use Niresh's distro and if one uses it, will apple sue? Anyone has any expirience with this or any advice, its really bugging me and i do want to try out the system.

Ofc this is only for private use and will in no way be used in commercial purposes.

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