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Weird font problem on Chrome

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Hello! I'm going to be brief because I can only guess what I'm typing. I'm having a problem with Chrome on my AMD hackintosh (which is working perfectly fine, aside from a couple of minor bugs). Fonts on any website are absolutely impossible to read (this only happens in Chrome). I figured I'd turn of Font Smoothing, which didn't work, and I also cleared the fonts cache with a script I found on the internet. If anyone could help, I'd vbe very grateful. I'll attach some screenshots to clarify:


Captura 2.tiff

Captura 3.tiff

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Right. I've re-enabled font smoothing just for the sake of it (don't know if that's the real name, since my system is in Spanish), and text looks normal again. However, images and graphics (weirdly enough, not ads) have vertical lines.

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