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AMD OSX Yosemite Install

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I may be missing something but this post suggests that I can install OS X Yosemite on my AMD Based HP Envy M6 - 1302sa. I was wondering if anyone can explain 2 things to me.

Is it possible to use the Yosemite Zone file after I restore it to install Yosemite on Windows 8 on VMWare Workstation?




Is it possible to partition my hard drive and dual boot into a different partition where OS X would be installed?



My laptop is a HP

CPU: AMD Quad-Core A10-5750M APU 

Graphics: Radeon HD 8650G


Chipset: AMD A70M FCH





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First, testing the OS X in a virtual machine is a good way to see (not 100% though) if it will run on your computer, and yes the dmg files are usable for virtual machines.


For dual boot, yes it is quite possible, but GUID partitioned hard drives are preferable for OS X although the distribution is supposed to work on MBR partitioned hard drives. It is possible to install Windows on a Guid partitioned hard drive so Windows (fully working) can coexist on the very same hard drive as OS X but of course in a different partition.

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