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Stojanovic Miljan

Cant boot to Chameleon. Stuck an "/" sign

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Stojanovic Miljan

Hi i have a Gygabyte Z77-D3H motherboard pc with intel i5 processor. I run Mavericks 10.9.5 successfully and fully working. I have two separate Hard Disks one with Mavericks and one with Windows 8.1 both are SATA. My windows disk is not always connected to motherboard. Today i connected both disks to the motherboard and booted to windows hard disk using Chameleon bootloader. While working on windows i had to install some wifi driver that asked me to reboot during the install process. But i made a mistake, while rebooting i accidentally pressed power off button and after that i switched it on again and after that i cannot boot into Mavericks any more. i get only the "/" slash sign, and it sits there not moving as usual. So i cant get even to the chameleon bootloader. My chameleon boot loader is on the disk outside of EFI partition that i can see that exist from windows explorer. I have these files: boot ,boot, boot2, boot3, boot4, boot5, boot6. Please help me to reinstall bootloader or repair this, so i can continue my work! Thank you so much!

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