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BIOS settings on ProBook 4530s - nothing happens

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I have an HP ProBook 4530s, supposedly one of the best computers for Hackintoshing. My current setup is Linux Mint 17 and Windows 7. Ideally, I would like to install Mavericks in a tri-boot setup.


I have been able to install and run Mavericks in VirtualBox using the ISO. However, the ISO doesn't boot when I put it on a thumb drive. So I downloaded the .dmg, and it still will not boot from my flash drive. Yes, I choose to boot from USB at start up. Nothing happens and system continues on to my bootloader (grub).


I have followed the tutorials as best I can, but they often mention settings that are not present on my BIOS (like HPET). I'm sure this is a BIOS issue, just not sure what setting I am missing. My system is as follows:


HP ProBook 4530s 

i3 Processor

8GB Ram

Hewlett-Packard BIOS 68SRR Ver. F.09


Thanks for any suggestions!!

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For what it's worth, I have been able to get the 10.10 .dmg to boot, but it gets stuck and repets an error. (see my post in Yosemite for details) However, the 10.10.1 release, Mavericks, and Mountain lion simple do nothing when I try to boot from USB.

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