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[Guide] How To Install A Kext?

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Despite of how easy is to install a kext, some people don't know and always ask for support. So, like a normal hackintosh forum, here's a quick guide.


Posted Image


For this guide, we're going to use Kext Wizard, which is free and can be downloaded from here


1. Open Kext utility and go to 'Installation' tab


Posted Image


2. Drag your kext(s) to the white rectangle and select 'Backup kext that will be replace' if you want. Then, let the 'System/Library/Extensions' options checked, and make sure that your Target disk, is your partition where osx is installed. Then, clic install.


Posted Image


3. Now, we need to go to the 'Maitenance' tab and select 'Rebuild cache', then 'Execute'. This is very important.


Posted Image


Now you can reboot and the kext should be working.


What to do if after reboot i get Kernel Panic or bootloop?

First you should boot with '-v' and see if the system fails when is loading your new kext. If so, restart and now boot with '-x' (Safe mode). After booting install your backup'ed kext. This is why it's important select 'Backup kext that will be replaced'

Or if the kext were not replaced by another one, delete the new kext from 'System/Library/Extensions'

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